New Training Method Forces You to

Create The Perfect Marketing Message/Offer 
For Your Product or Service 

(FREE Until I'm Done Testing... )

17 Questions.  4 Rounds. 
(approx. 10 min/round) 

Offer Bootcamp:

  • Keeps you focused:  So you can quit chasing shiny objects and actually get REAL work done.   Your offer is CRUCIAL to your success. 
  • Eliminates Overwhelm:  We all get distracted from time to time... Offer boot reminds you WHERE you are in the process and WHAT you should be focused on. 
  • Kicks Your Butt Into Gear: If you slack off, your drill instructor will hold you accountable with progressively stronger motivation.  
  • ​Streamlines Your Focus: You receive bite sized tasks you can complete whenever you have the time.  (No task takes more than 10 minutes)
  • Matches Your Pace:   You can go as fast or as slow as you like, AS LONG AS YOU COMPLETE your tasks.   You can have your offer done in as little as 30 minutes or take as long as a week or two... but you WILL finish. 
  • ​Gives You Content For: Sales letters, Newsletters, FAQ's, Email sequences, and more!

Your Marketing Message and Offer Is 
The Most Crucial Part Of Your Business 

and I can help you fix it... 

If you're not getting the sales you want or don't even know what your messaging is... 
you're likely leaving a LOT of money on the table. 

You need to FIX YOUR OFFER and your messaging FIRST.   

Over the past 16 years of marketing and writing copy 
I've put together a system for helping business owners craft their message. 
It all comes down to 17 questions.  

17 Questions that when answered... 

Give you EVERYTHING you need to build out your offer and your marketing 
"funnel" regardless of whether or not you sell a product or a service. 

Don't worry... I'll GIVE YOU the questions.

But there's a catch... (there's always a catch isn't there)

You have to play by my rules... 

Let me explain. 

The questions are split into 4 "rounds".

As SOON as you answer the questions for round 1. 
I will send you the questions for round 2.  

Each round only takes about 10 minutes, 
so you could have a new marketing offer within the next
40 minutes, if you get on a roll and focus. 

But if you're short on time,
you can whittle away at this over the next few days. 

To help you with that, 
I'll send you an email reminder every day at 10am. 


If you fail to answer your questions for too many days in a row... 
I will kick you out and you don't get any more questions. 

I only want those who take action to get these, because it took 16 years
to boil it down and make it this simple... 

and if you can't take 10 minutes a day to fix your business, 

it's probably better if we split ways.  

fair enough?

FOUNDER - Aaron Englert

Aaron enjoys helping small business owners achieve their maximum potential.  
He has extensive experience running Facebook™ ads, generating leads online, and is a proven copywriter. 

He enjoys creating time saving systems with his clients that help them grow because he believes 
the need for small business owners is crucial for the success of the United States. 
Whether you need more leads, better follow up, or a higher converting sales letter/funnel, he can help. 
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